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I read all these that were left in the comments of Anne's post, but I… - Brand New Colony

About I read all these that were left in the comments of Anne's post, but I…

Previous Entry Jan. 13th, 2004 @ 09:19 pm Next Entry
I read all these that were left in the comments of Anne's post, but I just had to be different.

ever had mono- No
how did you get it- ...
virgin or no- ::trys to look innocent::
first kiss was when- The last day of 8th grade
can you whistle- Nope
last show attended- Five Iron Frenzy
favorite hangout- Reality Tuesday's
cell phone or no- Yes, I need a new one
favorite coffee- Highlander grog at Reality's
how do you take your coffee- 3 splenda's and coffeemate
favorite tea- Green tea or s/f vanilla chai
favorite flavored beverage- Carbonated water (yeah Anne!)
favorite fruit- Apple
favorite vegetable- Potato
wheat or white- Wheat
pita or slice of bread- Pita
favorite clothing store- Urban outfitters, Wet Seal
Favorite entertainment store- Phils Records, Best Buy
most desired electronic- new cell phone
last thing you lost- back to an earring
last thing you forgot until it was too late- To ask Mrs. Nesthiede about her dress
last bit of nature that amazed you- The herd of cows that broke the fence and run through my yard
last food you thought sounded "really good"- HUMMUS (of course)
favorite make of cars/style- Jetta, 4 door or Ford Focus (like Annie's or Johny's)
song currently stuck in your head- "In her Bedroom" - SOTY
currently reading- "A Fast Food Nation", "Wasted", and "Do's and Taboo's" (I read a lot)
what do you think of...
president- I'm indifferent.
the new pornographers video (it plays currently at journeys, and I saw it and had to remark about it)- Anne is weird.
reality tv- I like Trading Spaces and Room Raiders. I hate all the rest. HATE IT!
cold showers- Evil.
bubble baths- Fun.
the suicide girls- This seems to be an aspiration for a lot of people. Some juggalo's have their own version of the site but only for juggalo's (ha).
BIG FISH- I haven't seen but I've heard it is hilarious
Mood: pleasedpleased
Music: Sublime
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