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Old pirates yes they rob I Sold I to the merchant ships Minutes after… - Brand New Colony

About Old pirates yes they rob I Sold I to the merchant ships Minutes after…

Previous Entry Jan. 13th, 2004 @ 04:09 pm Next Entry
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Date:January 13th, 2004 10:38 pm (UTC)
ever had mono nope
how did you get it
virgin or no yes
first kiss was when 12
can you whistle no
last show attended
favorite hangout coffee house, of course
cell phone or no yes
favorite coffee hazelnut - one bag of sugar, please
how do you take your coffee hah one sugar
favorite tea greeeen tea
favorite flavored beverage certainly propel fitness water, what else?
favorite fruit strawberries- i live on fruits and vegetables; it is the most prominent food category in my diet
favorite vegetable- carrots
wheat or white- wheat
pita or slice of bread- pita
favorite clothing store- H&M, thrift
favorite entertainment store- BestBuy
most desired electronic- walkman.. my old one recently broke :/
last thing you lost- AP history binder.
last thing you forgot until it was too late- to say i'm sorry to someone. ugh.
last bit of nature that amazed you- 400 geese in my front yard
last food you thought sounded"really good" fiesta salad from Saladworks
favorite make of cars/style- Ford Focus 2003 ZX3 2-Door Coupe. a white one. :D
song currently stuck in your head- some blink182 song ugh.. my sister is listening to it?!
favorite brand/style of jeans- tilt jeans.
currently reading.. planning to read the Da Vinci Code.. or the fifth Harry Potter book.. both are sitting on my desk.
president- not into politics.. but i am highlyagainst the War in Iraq.
the new pornographers video (it plays currently at journeys, and I saw it and had to remark about it) ..
reality tv hate them hate the hate them! i simply cannot believe that our society would lower its standards to such an obscene and disheartening method of gaining the interest and approval of the public. the mere thought of people marrying strangers and is a waste of time, money, and concern of the American people. It's an unecessary effort on the tv production company's part.
cold showers- i hate being cold!
bubble baths- yesss
the suicide girls
BIG FISH- i would like to see it, but spending 10 dollars for a movie ticket isn't my type of weekend activity. i'll get it for free on digital cable in a few months.
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