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disregard this haha, several questions, lots of oddness <3 - Brand New Colony

About disregard this haha, several questions, lots of oddness <3

Previous Entry disregard this haha, several questions, lots of oddness <3 Jan. 11th, 2004 @ 07:47 am Next Entry
Good morning from here atop of peanut butter and cracker mountain overlooking coffee creek in the scenic anne region of the United States. Hehe, lame-o. Okay, I worked yesterday, and I work today at two. We are getting Uggz at Journeys, who wants them??? I have no idea what to think about them, I love nerdy, ugly shoes a lot but I thought it looked like I was going to be living in antarctica. Hmm, perhaps on the right person....Any thoughts on that?

Also, Have we de-sensitized the term L-O-V-E? Do have you said it without meaning it?

My answer (join in): yes we say love at the drop of a hat, and I think a lot of people say it because they think they should not because they actually are. Also, I like WOLVES, and I LIKE SHEEPS, but I LOATHE WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING. MY MEANING: Well I have no problem having fun and making out without strings as long as I like the person, I just don't want to be lead on to think that there is more than that. I have lead people on and it gets them hurt. To me, as long as you are honest things are much more simple. Obviously I am looking for a sheep (ie honest, good intentions), but guys/girls who come off as something they aren't to get what they want use people and hurt people and that is lame. I have only said I love you twice and I meant it both times at that time, but I still mean it with one person, not in a romantic sense anymore just how i still hold them in my mind. Well enough of that.

Beyond that, I had the longest conversation yesterday when I was being one of the guys, and I have to say I think it was hilarious, I love my men, but really what all they do sometimes kills me. GUYS: Tell the truth, how often do you think about sex/ be physical with yourself or others?(I am trying to be as lady'like as I can with the wording, hehe.

Queer as Folk claims every 26 second for a straight guy and every 9 for a gay guy, and I don't know if I believe that. There was the pop song that my little cousin used to listen to called "Every six seconds" by I can't remember who claiming that every six seconds I guy thought about it. DOES anyone have the timing on a female, I can't imagine it being that much less in all honesty, but I think I think like a slore sometimes. Damn me, oh well, hahahaha. <3anne
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Date:January 11th, 2004 03:01 pm (UTC)

the love thang

I know this may sound a little pessimistic, but I really dont believe in love. Well actually I do. I believe that love can exist between a baby and its mother or a dog and its owner. I think that people cant "fall in love" because we think about it too much. Dogs or babies dont. All they know is that if their owner or parents went away one day, they would die. Looks, personality, intelligence, dont come into play at all. In love I dont believe the "whole package" exists. Of course we might have something, but I think it might just be adoration or something. Not love. When you hear "love is blind," I think it might actually be true.

About the guys thinking about sex all the time, is true to an extent. I think they think about it alot but not every 26 or 9 seconds. If they did, nothing would get done and we wouldnt have buildings or houses or anything like that. I think I say that one some show on Discovery Channel or TLC or something like that. I cant remember exactly.
Date:January 11th, 2004 11:56 pm (UTC)

Re: the love thang

i love your insight, you make really good points. I think it makes a lot of sense when you say that that idea of love that we have doesn't exist. I do think that because we have that desire for a connection therefore it at least exists as an idea, because a thought is just that. However thoughts are fleeting, looks are fleeting, and well there goes attraction. So where the falling in love stops things will either end or you will love that person in the same way that you love you dog, you care about them. I have to have hope however simple-minded as it sounds that I will have love. People fall in and out of love I know but the love I seek is this: I want someone that loves me not just for me but in spite of me. that really knows me, not me with cute hair, or me all smiles, that I can tell them anything and they will at least listen. I want an equal relationship where I am just as emotionally and physically giving as they are. I want the person I "fall in love with" to be honest, loyal, smart, and ultimately to be my best friend. Looks are a factor to me, however, I am not asking for gorgeous, just someone that carries themselves well (ie clean, decent style, really just confidence). I think that confidence is the sexiest quality, beggars can't be choosers for a reason, however choosers can. I want for that person to say she is it for me, she isn't exactly what I thought I would end up with but she is mine and I can't be without her. So I fall into the romantic realist belief. I see people how they are but I also know how I want them to be. I think I am in love with a different person every few weeks, but I hope that one day I'll be able to fall in love with someone and then want to care for them too.
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Date:January 12th, 2004 02:27 am (UTC)

Re: the love thang

I think thats exactly what the idea of love is, just some idea to make us feel like we have something to strive for to try make our lives more meaningful.
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