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Okay I thought I would start a story circle today, lets see if we can… - Brand New Colony

About Okay I thought I would start a story circle today, lets see if we can…

Previous Entry Jan. 10th, 2004 @ 07:09 am Next Entry
Okay I thought I would start a story circle today, lets see if we can add one. here is the guidelines...Say whatever, do whatever, write at least one sentence or MORE, and copy and paste what was written before you. Be sure to use transitions people! Use your great minds, take in whatever direction YOU want. I have faith in you. <3anne

She sat at 3am with the only things in life that gave her pleasure...

BTW: I dyed my hair, once I have cuted up I'll take pictures while I am at work and post <3 OH, and what do you guys think of Uggs (sp?) Hideous or awesome??? Also, who else here likes THE SHINS? Who else here likes 7 angels 7 plagues? Just wandering, go work on the story!!!
Music: slayer (god i love metal)
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Date:January 10th, 2004 05:22 pm (UTC)

What I added is a little more melodramatic than I would like but oh well...

She sat at 3am with the only things in life that gave her pleasure, Her lifeless baby lay clutched tightly in her arms. She opened her shirt and nudged his head forward. Tears dripped from her chin and splashed onto his forhead. He looked up at her, his eyes not moving, fixed in that spot forever. She kissed him, "I'm so sorry..."
Date:January 10th, 2004 06:53 pm (UTC)

Re: What I added is a little more melodramatic than I would like but oh well...

thats awesome.
Date:January 11th, 2004 03:45 am (UTC)
1-favorite color: dirty lime green. worn and sometimes repulsive, it is uniquely attractive .. to me anyway.
2-age: 15
3-location: new jersey
4-top 10 bands: badly drawn boy, coldplay, jack johnson, red hot chili peppers etc.
5-top 10 movies: harry potter, star wars, lotr, about a boy, a beautiful mind, terms of endearment, finding nemo, and more
6-favorite author: phillip pulman
7-place of employment: Finnegan's Wake- irish pub in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. i am very Irish.
8-political stance: none
9-top 5 favorite television programs: Queer Eye, Trading Spaces, A Wedding Story, SNL, Will and Grace
10-latest embarrassing moment: spilling coffee on pair of new cords and walking around school all day with it on. i am extremely clumsy.
11-digital camera y/n: yes, but temporarily out-of-order
12-coffee:black or what? any kind of coffee, as long as there is a packet of sugar within my reach.
13-marital status: single and loving it.
14-other communities you are a member of: hot_fashion
15-favorite pastime: taking pictures of my little sisters, scrapbooking, writing
16-worst fashion mishap: leggings with stirrups[sp?] in second grade. with the socks over top, and Keds [the white sneakers].
17-most desired fashion piece as of now: large tacky green barret. something to put in my hair on occasion, something that is different.
18-tats:what you want, what you have: have none want none.
19-edge or not and why: i am proud to say that i am. my sports are too important to me to ever ruin it with other distractions.
20favorite color
21-astrology sign: cancer
22-religion y/n: yes catholic, but not willingly. I have a strong faith but I loathe the majority of Catholic "rules" and "regulations". I feel that the majority of the Bible is over-interpreted and that the Church is almost entirely focused upon principles established by men, not God. religion is something I enjoy talking about, if you haven't noticed.
23-favorite cartoon character: Dorie from Nemo. Although she isn't a true "cartoon" character, she gets my vote.
24-favorite brand of shoes: old navy three dollar flip flops. nothing better. only dark colors like navy brown or black.. so I don't have to clean them.
25-best show: dont go. I don't really know why, either.
26-pets: black toy poodle-Grace. such a snob, for a dog anyway. i enjoy her company, though.
27-MAC or PC: PC
28-favorite online shopping sites: i prefer shopping in person.
29-do you sew, craft, DIY?: scrapbooking, if that counts
30-in a band, if so what instrument: no, but i love playing piano
31-are you an artist, if so, what mediums?: if by artist you mean taking pictures and editing them into personal works of art that others rarely appreciate for what it truly is, then yes.
32-vegetarian or no: sort of- i do not eat red meat. nor fast food.
33-favorite food: granola, freshfruit, and yogurt- mixed together. or cinnamon buns with coffee.
34-cuddle whore or no: i love it.
35-boys who wear girls jeans or no: yeah sure
36-girls with or without makeup: without or minimal.. excessive makeup is gross and a waste of time and effort.

i'm new to the community and looking foward to it.. IM me at kaybehrs of e-mail me at kaybehrs@hotmail.com

Date:January 11th, 2004 12:41 pm (UTC)
i'm glad you're here, i sent you an e-mail.
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