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Hi, community. Saw the community ad someplace, madradhair I think,… - Brand New Colony

About Hi, community. Saw the community ad someplace, madradhair I think,…

Previous Entry Jan. 8th, 2004 @ 07:08 pm Next Entry
Hi, community. Saw the community ad someplace, madradhair I think, and as a boy who is frequently in girl jeans and has eclectic music tastes and all, I thought I'd nose my way in.

Here's my stab at the community survey...

1-favorite color: purple
2-age: 20
3-location: Orlando, FL
4-top 10 bands: Blind Guardian, Sentenced, Hole, Artension, Nocturnal Rites, Nevermore, Alice in Chains, Bruce Dickinson, Nightwish, Testament, Metallica (I know, that's 11 instead of 10, but it took me a while just to narrow it down that much)
5-top 10 movies: Lord of the Rings trilogy, Pulp Fiction, Rules of Attraction, Addams Family Values, The Good Girl, Pirates of the Caribbean, Queen of the Damned, Interview With the Vampire
6-favorite author: Guy Gavriel Kay, George Martin, J.D. Salinger, Anne Rice, Terry Brooks.
7-place of employment: Most recently, K-Mart.
8-political stance: The left side of the Democratic party, but not quite into the Green fringe.
9-top 5 favorite television programs: Unhappily Ever After, The Critic, Futurama, Seinfeld, Popeye.
10-latest embarrassing moment: I was at 7-11 the other night filling up the tank in my car, naturally in girl jeans and a My Little Pony shirt, and these two guys in a pickup truck (ah, the south), started yelling obscene things at me for how I was dressed, which I wouldn't have cared about except it made everybody else stare at me. Could've done without it.
11-digital camera y/n: Yes, BUT, I just changed to a different version of Windows and it won't work with this version. It's very upsetting.
12-coffee: black or what?: No coffee for me, thanks.
13-marital status: Single to the utmost.
14-other communities you are a member of: madradhair, bloody_glitter, silent_knights
15-favorite pastime: Taking walks after dark.
16-worst fashion mishap: Oi, take your pick. The mullet I sported in elementary school. All the mesh basketball shorts in middle school. The heinous haircut I got talked into last summer.
17-most desired fashion piece as of now: Nothing offhand, but take me to any store in the mall and I'll find enough stuff I want to max out any credit card. Oh, and the black pants with the fishnet/meshy webbing that I ordered from ebay like two weeks ago that I'm STILL waiting for.
18-tats:what you want, what you have: Originally I wanted "Winter is Coming" written in some kind of exotic script wrapped around my left arm, up above the sleeve line. Now I'd want Stannis Baratheon's royal stag seal at the small of my back, at that spot where girls get tattoos a lot now, so that it would show when I wore certain outfits.
19-edge or not and why: I'm not entirely sure what the whole straightedge thing means, but I don't smoke, do drugs or drink. I am hideously addicted to the caffeine in soda, though, and don't try hard to eat healthy and I'm not vegetarian or vegan or anything. I don't worry about it because I'm thin and seemingly healthy right now, I'll change when/if I need to.
21-astrology sign: Cancer
22-religion y/n: Emphatically no. A really good relationship ended over it, so my convictions about it are even stronger as a result.
23-favorite cartoon character: Duke Phillips (The Critic), Hans Moleman (The Simpsons), Bender (Futurama), Popeye.
24-favorite brand of shoes: New Balance.
25-best show: Jerry Cantrell w/Swarm. I grew up on Jerry in Alice in Chains, and then I was first row for him at the House of Blues. It was unbelievable being almost close enough to touch him, and the crowd was small, older, and went absolutely crazy over the old Alice hits.
26-pets: I have my puppy Murphy, who I got when I was 12. And Skinny Black Dog, who came to live with us last fall when his original family (my uncle) couldn't bear his presence anymore.
27-MAC or PC: I have a PC, but for a long time it's made me long for death, or failing death, an iMac.
28-favorite online shopping sites: eBay. It's almost impossible not to find what you want there.
29-do you sew, craft, DIY? I wish I did, it looks like fun, but no, I don't.
30-in a band, if so what instrument: Own a guitar, can't play it at all.
31-are you an artist, if so, what mediums? Wish I could dance, that'd be fun.
32-vegetarian or no vegetarian: I'm too attached to meat, but I don't mind vegetarians and vegans, except for the ones who are really preachy and self righteous about it.
33-favorite food: Pizza, naturally.
34-cuddle whore or no: Yes.
35-boys who wear girls jeans or no: I am their queen/king.
36-girls with or without makeup: Either way, really. What about boys with makeup? I'm their queen/king, too.
Music: Lacuna Coil - Daylight Dancer
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Date:January 9th, 2004 01:46 am (UTC)
I LOVE YOU, You are our queen/king, welcome.
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