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Brand New Colony

Everything Will Change

Such is Life:hot, random, fashion, edge, music
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Intelligent people, mid-sentence speakers, the fashion and looks obsessed, health and fitness junkies, shows and good music (indie/prog/metal/metalcore/hardcore/classical)folk, reading extraordinares, useless factoid hoarders, boys who wear girls jeans, picture people, coffee cravers, those who live for themselves, dance dance dancers, nightowls, film fucks, strong-minded individuals, artists, straightedgers, vegetarians/vegans, the madradhair crew, confident people, the music minded,those who have the inside scoop on tour dates, political pricks, environmentalists, are all welcome.

This is the most scatter-brained community, it encompasses everything that the creator, elevatorletters, finds worthy to talk about.

If something peaks your interest, share it. If you have a question, ask it. Don't come here talking shit or asking for friends. If you think you're hot, post a picture, don't come surfing for compliments. If you don't have confidence, don't even bother. You can only live for others for so long until you realize how ignorant that is. Don't try to prove yourself, just be yourself. Don't try to preach. If you have a point, back it up or shut up.

If you aren't good enough, you'll get the axe.