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contestant number one, come on dowwwwwwwn! - Brand New Colony

About contestant number one, come on dowwwwwwwn!

Previous Entry contestant number one, come on dowwwwwwwn! Jan. 8th, 2004 @ 01:08 pm Next Entry

1. favorite color = green
2. age = 19
3. location = toronto
4. top 10 bands = can't decide. currently listening to engine down
5. top 10 movies = can't decide. last saw house of sand and fog
6. favorite author = ayn rand [;^) at mod]
7. place of employment = 20hz.ca [it's a zine. i'm really a student.]
8. political stance = i am a polisci//international relations major at the U of T
9. top 5 favorite television programs = i hardly watch tv; it's mostly cartoons: clone high, daria, south park, mXc, the wedge [&c random cartoons]
10. latest embarrassing moment = can't really think of one lately
11. digital camera y/n = yes.
12. coffee: black or what? = no.
13. marital status = no.
14. other communities you are a member of = it's in my profile
15. favorite pastime = internet junkie
16. worst fashion mishap = clay aiken and chucks as high-heels
18. tats: what you want, what you have = ? oh, tattoos. no.
19. edge or not and why = why is this important to this comm?
21. astrology = pisces
22. religion y/n = yes.
23. favorite cartoon character = daria? can't pick
28. favorite online shopping sites = insound.com
29. do you sew, craft, DIY? = yes.
30. in a band, if so what instrument = nonamine = vox, violin, bass
32. vegetarian or no = vegan
33. favorite food = popcorn or lime tofu
34. cuddle whore or no = no.
35. boys who wear girls jeans or no = no.
36. girls with or without makeup = with, mostly.

i got rid of the questions i didn't want to answer. :^9
hope to have some fun here.
Mood: generally pleasant
Music: engine down // demure
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Date:January 8th, 2004 06:30 pm (UTC)
i hope we all do, hope to hear from you again soon.
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