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Brand New Colony

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May. 30th, 2006 @ 05:38 pm
Okay. I'm sure i've posted this before. Actually, I pretty much do it every summer. But again, to ease my nerves. Look at my pictures, and tell me if i'd look good with a hawk. And when I say that, I mean look at my face shape. Its weird, and i'm not sure if a hawk is the right cut for me. I want it. I've grown my hair for a year just so I could have a long hawk. I just don't want to look stupid or anything.

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Jul. 27th, 2005 @ 09:34 pm
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Dec. 27th, 2005 @ 11:43 am

break free... add them to your mix tape.

Jul. 9th, 2004 @ 02:52 pm
this community is the sex, but how come no one posts anymore?

May. 17th, 2004 @ 01:43 am
If you let me have my way... i SWEAR ill tear you apart.Collapse )
Other entries
» Naked french people.
Everyone should go see The Dreamers. It's NC17 because most of it is done naked, but it's an excellent movie, very cool. It's an indie film based in 1960's Paris. Go see it. I don't know where else it's out besides Boston, but the website is http://www2.foxsearchlight.com/thedreamers/.
» new toronto comm
Due to a rising interest in such a group, there's a new straight edge community for people in Toronto and the GTA. You don't have to be sxe to join, just interested in discussion and community.


» ranking community!!!!

everyone should go there just cause i say so. i am the ruler of myself.
» Just a little promo
Hello all, I usually don't promote things (sxe, movies, music, etc.) but I think you guys should check this community out.
It's called beautyandbitch. Yes, it's a rating community, but it's great.
They have some typical (name, age {minimum 16} , location) and non-typical questions: "Word Association"No need for an explanation, just write down the first word that pops into your head.
And as a good bitch would do, it seems you're rated honestly in this community. Read this: EXAMPLE OF WHAT NOT TO DO.

» Wow
Good morning.
My question for today is if your lips could only ever touch one thing, what would that me (any type of noun).

So I worked a negative 4 hours this week, thought I'd share.
» Q and A
Hypothetical question, say you meet someone with a great personality and they aren't hot or what you would normally go for but they aren't bad looking and they seem very interested in you. Should you just say well I want both aspects or should you maybe go for something past friendship down the line (if they aren't gorgeous you would want to make sure that personality was really there).
» Friday night at the movies...
So my best friend and I went to see Big Fish. I thought it had a southern gothic flavor...I'm not quite sure how to respond. Definitely something you have to see for yourself. It wasn't quite what I expected, I can only describe it as a bittersweet film. I'd be interested to hear some reactions from other people. :)
» (No Subject)

Ladies and Gentlemen

I love your post backs, but I want to post back to you!

So moving past that, It surprised me that some of you didn't know who the Suicide Girls were and none of you had ever heard of the New Pornographers.  Well I shall explain, The Suicide Girls are seriously hot and they have a website and they are going on this tour and they have a calendar.  Essentially, I want to be one.  But past that, the New Pornographer's video is a million 16 year old girls having a pillow fight in pajamas.  That is why I said it was ever 13-yea-old boy's dream. 

This leads me to my next question....What kind of music video would you have if you were going to have one? 

I wouldn't want mine on stupid MTV or FUSE or VH1, so it wouldn't serve much purpose, but I would streamline it online and do it for like 500 bucks.  I would not have a lame ass performance video or something where I was breaking stuff, I kinda thought maybe it would just be standing in front of different things with like no expression, it has been done but eh, I think it would be cool, if I wanted to go utterly mod I would do what the strokes did on 12:51.

Also would you go if you just got up and left? 



» (No Subject)
I read all these that were left in the comments of Anne's post, but I just had to be different.
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» (No Subject)
Old pirates yes they rob I
Sold I to the merchant ships
Minutes after they took I
From the bottomless pit
But my hand was made strong
By the hand of the almighty
We forward in this generation
All I ever had, is songs of freedom
Won't you help to sing, these songs of freedom
Cause all I ever had, redemption songs
Redemption songs

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
None but ourselves can free our minds
Have no fear for atomic energy
Cause none of them can stop the time
How long shall they kill our prophets
While we stand aside and look
Some say it's just a part of it
We've got to fullfill the book

Won't you help to sing, these songs of freedom
Cause all I ever had, redemption songs
Redemption songs, redemption songs

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
None but ourselves can free our minds
Have no fear for atomic energy
Cause none of them can stop the time
How long shall they kill our prophets
While we stand aside and look
Yes some say it's just a part of it
We've got to fulfill the book

Won't you help to sing, these songs of freedom
Cause all I ever had, redemption songs
All I ever had, redemption songs
These songs of freedom, songs of freedom

Beyond that, yes I realize I didn't use a cut so don't comment on that one. I have a questionare...
ever had mono
how did you get it
virgin or no
first kiss was when
can you whistle
last show attended
favorite hangout
cell phone or no
favorite coffee
how do you take your coffee
favorite tea
favorite flavored beverage
favorite fruit
favorite vegetable
wheat or white
pita or slice of bread
favorite clothing store
favorite entertainment store
most desired electronic
last thing you lost
last thing you forgot until it was too late
last bit of nature that amazed you
last food you thought sounded"really good"(anna, hehe)
favorite make of cars/style
song currently stuck in your head
favorite brand/style of jeans
what do you think of...
currently reading..
the new pornographers video (it plays currently at journeys, and I saw it and had to remark about it)
reality tv
cold showers
bubble baths
the suicide girls
» I love you, NOT
My twin brother was listening to Homegrown, because well he is a punk/ska kid, hehehe, okay I mock I admit, but nevertheless the lyrics really fit my post from earlier so I am putting them up

We've been dating for a week, and now you're asking me if I love you
I don't know what to say, hey, why don't we hit the hay
I'll be your love slave in the morning
we'll pretend that we're okay

You're moving fast, don't get attached
I think you're hot, but I love you not
when I'm with you, I don't wanna hear the words that don't mean anything to me
I don't love you, I will never say those words that don't mean anything to me

We are nothing but a fling, so don't expect a thing from me, girl
You're way too serious
Why don't you just build a bridge, so you get over it and me, girl
We're freinds with benefits

You're moving fast, don't get attached
I think you're hot, but I love you not
when I'm with you, I don't wanna hear the words that don't mean anything to me
I don't love you, I will never say those words that don't mean anything to me

Pathetic hopeless romantic
Sometimes you just get it
Single is the way for me
Come play with me

You're movin' fast, don't get attached
I love your bod
You're moving fast, don't get attached
I think you're hot, but I love you not
when I'm with you, I don't wanna hear the words that don't mean anything to me
I don't love you, I will never say those words that don't mean anything to me
I don't love you
I will never way those words that don't mean anything to me
» disregard this haha, several questions, lots of oddness <3
Good morning from here atop of peanut butter and cracker mountain overlooking coffee creek in the scenic anne region of the United States. Hehe, lame-o. Okay, I worked yesterday, and I work today at two. We are getting Uggz at Journeys, who wants them??? I have no idea what to think about them, I love nerdy, ugly shoes a lot but I thought it looked like I was going to be living in antarctica. Hmm, perhaps on the right person....Any thoughts on that?

Also, Have we de-sensitized the term L-O-V-E? Do have you said it without meaning it?

My answer (join in): yes we say love at the drop of a hat, and I think a lot of people say it because they think they should not because they actually are. Also, I like WOLVES, and I LIKE SHEEPS, but I LOATHE WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING. MY MEANING: Well I have no problem having fun and making out without strings as long as I like the person, I just don't want to be lead on to think that there is more than that. I have lead people on and it gets them hurt. To me, as long as you are honest things are much more simple. Obviously I am looking for a sheep (ie honest, good intentions), but guys/girls who come off as something they aren't to get what they want use people and hurt people and that is lame. I have only said I love you twice and I meant it both times at that time, but I still mean it with one person, not in a romantic sense anymore just how i still hold them in my mind. Well enough of that.

Beyond that, I had the longest conversation yesterday when I was being one of the guys, and I have to say I think it was hilarious, I love my men, but really what all they do sometimes kills me. GUYS: Tell the truth, how often do you think about sex/ be physical with yourself or others?(I am trying to be as lady'like as I can with the wording, hehe.

Queer as Folk claims every 26 second for a straight guy and every 9 for a gay guy, and I don't know if I believe that. There was the pop song that my little cousin used to listen to called "Every six seconds" by I can't remember who claiming that every six seconds I guy thought about it. DOES anyone have the timing on a female, I can't imagine it being that much less in all honesty, but I think I think like a slore sometimes. Damn me, oh well, hahahaha. <3anne
» (No Subject)
Okay I thought I would start a story circle today, lets see if we can add one. here is the guidelines...Say whatever, do whatever, write at least one sentence or MORE, and copy and paste what was written before you. Be sure to use transitions people! Use your great minds, take in whatever direction YOU want. I have faith in you. <3anne

She sat at 3am with the only things in life that gave her pleasure...

BTW: I dyed my hair, once I have cuted up I'll take pictures while I am at work and post <3 OH, and what do you guys think of Uggs (sp?) Hideous or awesome??? Also, who else here likes THE SHINS? Who else here likes 7 angels 7 plagues? Just wandering, go work on the story!!!
» (No Subject)
Saw a post about this community in coffee_and_art and thought it looked interesting. So here I am.
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» A QUESTION: What is your biggest pet peeve about...
online- when i can't connect, annoying IMs

shopping- when i don't have money, or when i am seemingly surrounded by idiots.

men & woman - don't get me started. i would never stop.

the environment- i'm upset that the ocean is deteriorating...that we're worried
about other planets when our own planet needs so much work!

driving- people who drive too slow, dangerously fast, or don't use turn signals.
drunk drivers are the worst. i can't stand it when people drive after having ANY
alcohol. i think life is worth so much more than that.

random- redundancy....i like word variation.
» (No Subject)
Pet Peeve's
Online- Lag, strange people, pop-ups, advertisements, risk of viruses.

Men- Some of them who are lower on the intelligence scale seem to think being a bad ass is cool and that being refined and having some culture is gay. I hate when men underestimate me, I hate when they try to impress me with their video games skills, think it's cool to drive fast, and toy with the hearts of innocent girls.

Women- Women, more than men, often seem like they are always trying to impress someone. Woman are usually quick tempted and justify negative actions with bad excuses. Pah, finally woman talk to much, too loud, and they giggle. (general statements)

The environment- Litter, lack of respect people give, and pollution.

Driving- People who go to fast, people you ride my tail.

Random- When people cut you off and don't listen to your statement, being ignored, having someone continue talking to me once I've left the room, immaturity.
» No, but that's a nice ski mask
Who is going to see the new Tim Burton movie Big Fish??? I think it sounds impressive, and Tim Burton is truly talented. We shall see, I will keep you posted. Also, who here watches Queer as Folk??? I am revisiting the first season via DVD, and well, I just want to hear you thoughts on the program. By the way, I really wish there were dance clubs like that around here, there is Jacob's though and that is fun. I went to buy dance dance revolution home version today, but Best Buy was sold out. Damnit, what to do while I have mono, I CAN'T MAKE OUT, I am too tired to work out, and going out is going to be limited. DAMN FUCKING LIFE. Oh well, I am enjoying myself being lazy. I just know that the greatest guy ever will approach me while I have mono, and I will be so pissed. Just when I decide to work towards having committed friends and look for a real relationship and stop cuddle whoring I get mono. I am telling you this urks me. ENOUGH OF THIS ENTRY, I should be kicked out of the community I started. <3 you all. So glad you're here, invite people, and let's get some discussions going. I can't wait to hear what you have to say. If you are in this community:you are awesome.

oh by the way, who has seen the fucking shirts at hot topic that says "you're straightedge, i'll drink to that?" Ok, it is funny, and I get the joke, but still that is like saying "You're Jewish, I'll go to mass for you." OR "You carry a V-card, I'll fuck to that." I find it slightly offensive that people have to find ways to tear others beliefs down instead of just being happy with their own. You can be right for YOU, and they can be right for THEM. I KNOW I AM PREACHING, once again I should be kicked out for this, but it is only two strikes against me and I am ranting more than anything. Blame it on mono. And besides maybe this will get people talking.

One thing I do is when someone uses terms like "jew/fag/gay/girl/homo/retard/etc as an insult, I just say _______ is not a derogatory comment. And well I have had to say that so much in my Environmental Ecology class lately. I am not saying WOW aren't I great for doing that or they are bad people for saying that what I am doing is saying that yes I SAY FUCK/CUNT/SHIT/BITCH/ETC and words are just words but none of those terms represent anything but a vagina or a female dog at best. I just think in the words of DEATH TO SMOOCHY, that "You've gotta make a dent." and if one more person changes or begins to understand something then that is one less person to deal with.

By the way A QUESTION: What is your biggest pet peeve about...
the environment-

online-moronic instant messanges that ask me to go to porn sites and LAG when I have cable internet
shopping-when someone gives me TUDE at work or when I ask for help.
men-when they are wolves in sheeps clothing. I like wolves sometimes they can be fun. but I only give my heart to sheeps and it hurts when they are not what I thought they were
woman-THEIR CATINESS, and their inability to forgive and forget overall as a gender.
the environment- LITTER
driving-when people don't use their turn signals
random-(I do this though so I am a hypocrite, and BTW, I hate it when people are consistant so I guess I hate myself sometimes)when people hop all over you before you finish what you are saying. damnit AND when people underestimate me, that prob bothers me more.
» (No Subject)
1-favorite color: Black and pink
2-age: 16
3-location: Northern Kentucky
4-top 10 bands: AFI, Nirvana, From Autumn to Ashes, My Chemical Romance, Thursday, The Misfits, Anti-Flag, Mourning Maxwell, Bikini Kill, Alkaline Trio, Strike Anywhere.
5-top 10 movies: Reqiuem for a Dream, Paycheck, The Life of David Gale, Big Daddy, Tommy Boy, The Hot Chick...
6-favorite author: ...
7-place of employment: ...
8-political stance: I'm in the process of deciding.
9-top 5 favorite television programs: The Simpsons, Family Guy, Room Raider's, Futurama, and Will and Grace.
10-latest embarrassing moment: I started talking to this kid who I thought I was in the cafeteria at school but he was 24 and not in high school. Opps.
11-digital camera: Sony 5.0 mega pixels
12-coffee: Definately.
13-marital status: I've been with Chase <3 for just over a year.
14-other communities you are a member of: Wouldn't you like to know?
15-favorite pastime: Reading, working out, cooking, talking to Chase, reading forums, music, cleaning...
16-worst fashion mishap: Fur anything.
17-most desired fashion piece as of now: Pink gym shoes and a good push-up bra.
18-tats: what you want, what you have: No and no.
19-edge or not and why: Absolutely.
20-favorite color: See above.
21-astrology sign: Scorpio.
22-religion y/n: yes, Christian - Disciple of Christ.
23-favorite cartoon character: Mr. Burns.
24-favorite brand of shoes: Sauconys and pumas.
25-best show: Warped Tour.
26-pets: None.
27-MAC or PC: PC
28-favorite online shopping sites: Positive Youth Foundation
29-do you sew, craft, DIY? I will learn to sew. I love to craft.
30-in a band, if so what instrument: No.
31-are you an artist, if so, what mediums? I do a lot of collage work. I adore photography. I'm getting into digital but I have a great Pentex 35 mm.
32-vegetarian or no: Damn right!
33-favorite food: Waffles, pretzels, hummus (yummus), cake, potato soup.
34-cuddle whore or no: Oh yes.
35-Guys in jeans or no: No.
36-girls with or without makeup: With.
» my name is Autumn....
and here is a little about meCollapse )
» hi kids
I'm Alisa & I'm one of your maintainers. I just wanted to let everyone know that you should all post some pictures of your fine selves. Here's my information, & pictures, kiddos.

read this shitCollapse )
» (No Subject)
Hi, community. Saw the community ad someplace, madradhair I think, and as a boy who is frequently in girl jeans and has eclectic music tastes and all, I thought I'd nose my way in.

Here's my stab at the community survey...
because LJ cuts are just politeCollapse )
» Ahem.
Well, it wouldn't be fair for me to ask these questions if I didn't answer them myself, plus I had better join in or the action. <3anne
1-favorite color:green
4-top 10 bands: The Stills, The Stars, The Postal Service/ Death Cab for Cutie, Rush, It Dies Today, Broken Social Scene,Tub Ring, Placebo, Fugazi, Bleeding Through, Converge, Everytime I Die, Madison Greene (i know, more than 10, but I could really keep going)
5-top 10 movies: Rushmore, 24 hour party people, high fidelity, lotr, clerks, office space, amelie, donnie darko, soapdish, death to smoochy
6-favorite author-ayn rand/jrr tolkien
7-place of employment-journeys
8-political stance-independant
9-top 5 favorite television programs: queer as folk, sex in the city, queer eye for the straight guy, family guy, aquateen hunger force
10-latest embarrassing moment: We dance a lot at work and I was getting down to the groovin' tunes (ha!) and I turned around and like 8 people we staring at me asking for shoes.
11-digital camera y/n YES
12-coffee:black or what? black
13-marital status SINGLE FUCK
14-other communities you are a member of girls in hardcore, hot_fashion, aynrandforum, madradhair, fashionXcore, serveral more.
15-favorite pastime: listening to music/reading
16-worst fashion mishap: don't even get me started, lets not mention my feathered bangs in elementary school and the glasses/braces combo I sported in 6th grade, my 10 year old year of ugly (nothing I did was good, oooh man.)
17-most desired fashion piece as of now: I end up making a lot/reconstructing and right now i want some fabric and time. really some cute shoes, i am 5'8" so I don't have any heels and I want some cute jeans, but I have the worst time with that. I love levi's 518's.
18-tats:what you want, what you have: well, since I am jailbait til april, I want an abstract dove in black on my hip, english ivy crawling from the back to the front of just above my hip, the tree of gondor (strength of men) with elvish compass (N,S,E,W) around it, and I want a lower sleeve of branches. I haven't fully designed that one because that wouldn't be for a while. I have always been amazed by good tats and disgusted by trashy ones that aren't thought out. I want them all in black/white/gray/browns.
19-edge or not and why: straightedge, i have lived both ways and i am happier and healthier this way. i figure now that i dont want to die i had better clean up my life.
21-astrology sign taurus
22-religion y/n Yes but I constantly struggle with that
23-favorite cartoon character: trogdor/ foamy
24-favorite brand of shoes: saucony
25-best show: slayer/hatebreed. it was just fun as hell to be around old metalheads and it was fucking insane
26-pets i am a cat person although i no longer have one, she died a year ago
27-MAC or PC, i want a mac
28-favorite online shopping sites:stardumb. to die for, rockett, urban outfitterbuyolympia
29-do you sew, craft, DIY? i sew and i do love interior design DIY stuff
30-in a band, if so what instrument not in a band but i want to learn to play the violin
31-are you an artist, if so, what mediums? Sculpture, painting, drawing
32-vegetarian or no vegetarian
33-favorite food INDIAN FOOD!!! Obviously Hummus and Pita are up with that
34-cuddle whore or no YES
35-boys who wear girls jeans or no YES
36-girls with or without makeup If it is well done, go for it. Personally, i am a little bit goes a long way girl, but if i could with time and everything i would do more. IF YOU HAVE ANY GOOD PRODUCTS OR TIPS PLEASE SHARE.

» contestant number one, come on dowwwwwwwn!
ah, the lj-cut.Collapse )

i got rid of the questions i didn't want to answer. :^9
hope to have some fun here.
» (No Subject)
1-favorite color-Green

2-age- might as well say 18. I will be this saturday. jan 10th.

3-location- London, Ky.

4-top 10 bands- The Smiths, Morrissey, Underoath, Glassjaw, Thursday, Bright Eyes (not really a band), Tool, The Cure, Radiohead, Cursive, Boys Night Out, The Mars Volta. Yeah that's more then 10..I could go on. But I'll stop now.

5-top 10 movies- All 3 of the LOTR movies, Stigmata, A Clockwork Orange, Girl Interrupted, The Shawshank Redemption, Silence Of The Lambs, Evil Dead..that's all I can think of at the moment.

6-favorite author- J.R.R. Tolkien, Anne Rice, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe. I love books. Yeah Im a dork. =P

7-place of employment- ACS (I get paid to work with computers)

8-political stance- anti-everything. Ok not really. Indepedent.

9-top 5 favorite television programs- History Channel, Forensic Files, Sci Fi Channel, TV Land, Travel Channel.

10-latest embarrassing moment- Hrmm nothing all that embarassing has really happened recently that I can remember. So I suppose thats a good thing.

11-digital camera y/n- Yes!

12-coffee:black or what? Black. <3 I happen to love cappucino.

13-marital status- single as can be as of recently.

14-other communities you are a member of- Alot.

15-favorite pastime- Internet, Reading, Video Games, Sleep, Music/Shows

16-worst fashion mishap- Those cut off shirts that came down on your shoulders askfdjlhgjas God bless the 80s! haha =P ah the bangs too. BIG hair. I love the 80s though. Fun times.

17-most desired fashion piece as of now- A new scarf. I love scarves. And I just recently have become infatuated with having to have like 89237408923432 different ones.

18-tats:what you want, what you have- None yet. I plan on getting around 3 or so.

19-edge or not and why- Edge. Because I dont want some addiction to run my life/ruin it. I like the idea of having control of my own life and the decisions I make. And not being involved with drugs and alcohol allows me to have a more clear sense of things to make judgements with.

20-favorite color- Green

21-astrology sign- Capricorn

22-religion y/n- Yes, I believe there is a god. But I think everyone should be able to freely choose what they believe so I dont try and force my beliefs on anyone else.

23-favorite cartoon character- Daria/Jane.

24-favorite brand of shoes- Converse, Vans are usually what I wear. I'll wear my occasional oxfords (doc martins)

25-best show- I can't pick just one!

26-pets- I have a persian cat. I love cats.hereCollapse )

27-MAC or PC- PC

28-favorite online shopping sites- Interpunk (nice and cheap)haha =P

29-do you sew, craft, DIY? Yes!

30-in a band, if so what instrument?-Not currently, I have been before. I can play guitar, and piano/keyboard.

31-are you an artist, if so, what mediums? Nah I wouldn't really consider myself an artist. I do like to draw occasionally.

32-vegetarian or no- Nah.

33-favorite food- I love chinese food and italian food as well.

34-cuddle whore or no- Absolutely!

35-boys who wear girls jeans or no- YES!

36-girls with or without makeup- A little is cute. Too much is awful.
xCollapse )
» (No Subject)
I am dying my hair navy/dark brown today. I'll post tomorrow. Has anyone read THE VIRTUE OF SELFISHNESS BY AYN RAND? Also, I have been listening to the new pornographers all day.

New Community, So HERE ARE SOME GET-TO-KNOW Questions
1-favorite color
4-top 10 bands
5-top 10 movies
6-favorite author
7-place of employment
8-political stance
9-top 5 favorite television programs
10-latest embarrassing moment
11-digital camera y/n
12-coffee:black or what?
13-marital status
14-other communities you are a member of
15-favorite pastime
16-worst fashion mishap
17-most desired fashion piece as of now
18-tats:what you want, what you have
19-edge or not and why
20favorite color
21-astrology sign
22-religion y/n
23-favorite cartoon character
24-favorite brand of shoes
25-best show
27-MAC or PC
28-favorite online shopping sites
29-do you sew, craft, DIY?
30-in a band, if so what instrument
31-are you an artist, if so, what mediums?
32-vegetarian or no
33-favorite food
34-cuddle whore or no
35-boys who wear girls jeans or no
36-girls with or without makeup

WOW, that is enough for you to handle. <3-Anne
Oh, I am the maintainer as of now, I would LOVE HELP. Contact me. ALSO, TELL YOUR FRIENDS and RECRUIT, make this community what you want it to be. It's new and refining its identity.
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